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  • September 29, 2018
    The Diaper Bank of Connecticut – Diaper Need Awareness Week   
    WTNH – News 8
    “Thank you to Stephanie Simoni and WTNH News 8 for talking all things #DiaperNeed during Diaper Need Awareness Week.” More Info
  • September 24, 2018
    Diapers: A Basic Need   
    Comcast Newsmakers
    “The Diaper Bank of Connecticut provides families living in poverty with an adequate supply of diapers for their infants and toddlers; and helps raise awareness that “basic human needs” include diapers. Executive Director, Janet Stolfi Alfano joins Newsmakers.” “Thank you to Comcast Newsmakers CT for the opportunity to talk all things #DiaperNeed Happy to share during Diaper Need Awareness Week!” More Info
  • September 6, 2018
    Community Works – The Diaper Bank   
    “Thank you NHTV Community Works and Bernadette Gazzo Welsh for a great show discussing #DiaperNeed #RockYourBaby2018 and #ChangefromtheBottomUp campaign!” More Info
  • September 5, 2018
    Mornings With Mubarakah | Janet Stolfi Alfano   
    WNHH – New Haven Independent
    “Thank you Mubarakah Ibrahim for a great show this morning talking #DiaperNeed #RockYourBaby and #ChangefromtheBottomUp Campaign!” More Info
  • July 11, 2018
    Mornings With Mubarakah | Janet Stolfi Alfano   
    WNHH – New Haven Independent
    “Thank you to WNHH Community Radio #MorningsWithMubarakah for this great interview with The Diaper Bank’s Executive Director, Janet Stolfi Alfano. Hear the full interview about the CT Tax Exemptions on #FeminineHygiene products and #DisposableDiapers.” More Info
  • May 23, 2018
    The Diaper Bank of Connecticut – Creating Change from the Bottom Up  
    Seasons of New Haven
    Written by: Amy J. Barry 

    “We may not realize that many poor and low-income families struggle to afford a satisfactory of this basic requirement to keep their infants and toddlers clean, dry and healthy because diapers are expensive. Luckily for New Haven, and the entire state of Connecticut, there’s The Diaper Bank.” More Info
  • May 8, 2018
    The Diaper Bank of Connecticut – Creating Change from the Bottom Up  
    Eyewitness News, Chanel 3
    Written by: Sarah Bartis 

    “The Diaper Bank and how it helps babies and moms who can’t afford diapers.” More Info
  • April 27, 2018
    Middlesex United Way: Consider Diaper Bank Donations for Mother’s Day  
    The Middletown Press
    Written by: Kevin Wilhelm 

    “With Mother’s Day right around the corner, it is natural to think fondly of our memories growing up or being fortunate enough to be parents ourselves… From diapers to day care, expenses add up quickly and often force parents to make some financial cuts just to get by… When young children do not have consistent access to diapers, they are at an increased health risk, and their parents may face legal troubles for neglect. The diaper bank focuses on keeping the children in our community clean, happy and healthy.” More Info
  • March 16, 2018
    Diapers Can Be Underpinning Of A Household  
    Hartford Courant
    Written by: Susan Campbell 

    “It’s just a diaper, but a little thing like a fresh one can carry more than one kind of load: A fresh diaper can get a parent back to work, or put a parent who’s pursuing a degree back in the classroom. A diaper can also prevent significant health issues for a baby or toddler.” More Info
  • March 6, 2018
    Diapers Tied to Health, Economic Outcomes  
    Yale Daily News
    Written by: Talia Soglin 

    “The report found that the Diaper Bank’s distribution of free diapers to low-income families is associated with increases in the personal income of recipients, the elimination of medical expenses and increases in state tax revenue. Titled “Better Health for Children and Increased Economic Opportunities for Families: The Social and Economic Impacts of the Diaper Bank of Connecticut,” the report was co-authored by CCEA Director Fred Carstensen and Peter Gunther, a senior research fellow with the organization.” More Info
  • March 4, 2018
    Shamrocks and Diapers? Race Collects Donations for Families in Need  
    NBC CT
    Written by: Kristen Johnson 

    “Around 2,500 runners gathered at the starting line for the Shamrock and Roll 5K in New Haven Sunday. This annual event supports the Diaper Bank, a local organization that collects diapers for families in need.” More Info
  • March 1, 2018
    Donations to The Diaper Bank in North Haven Reach Record-breaking Number  
    Edelman, AWHONN & Kimberly-Clark Huggies
    Written by: Jessica Lerner 

    “Connex Credit Union donated 82,919 diapers — almost double the amount from last year— Thursday to The Diaper Bank, a local nonprofit that seeks to prevent the risk of health and parenting complications caused by limited access to diapers.Connex’s involvement stems from its sponsorship of the Shamrock & Roll 5K, Connecticut’s largest St. Patrick’s Day-themed race, as part of its ConnexCares philanthropic initiative.The event is a joint effort with radio station WPLR and proceeds benefit The Diaper Bank.” More Info
  • July 19, 2017
    The Impacts of Diaper Need on Families in the U.S.  
    Edelman, AWHONN & Kimberly-Clark Huggies
    Written by: Danielle Elias 

    The AWHONN in partnership with Huggies, and the National Diaper Bank Network highlight the impact of diaper need on the well-being of babies and their families with this impactful news segment recorded at The Diaper Bank and the St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport. More Info
  • March 5, 2017
    Runners Hit the Streets for Shamrock & Roll in New Haven 
    FOX61, WTIC
    Written by: Doug Stewart

    The 20th Annual Shamrock and Roll to benefit The Diaper Bank, which provides diapers to families in need. More Info
  • March 4, 2017
    Shamrock & Roll 2017 Benefits The Diaper Bank
    Written by: Marissa Nobile, News8 Producer
    Interview with Stephanie Simoni, Reporter, News8; Nicole Glorioso, Development Coordinator; and Chaz, Chaz and AJ in the morning, 99.1 PLR
    More than 2,000 runners and walkers dressed up in their St. Patrick Day’s gear benefiting the non-profit Diaper Bank of New Haven. More Info
  • March 3, 2017
    North Haven Company Donates 45,000 Diapers to The Diaper Bank
    Written by: Cailyn Blonstein, News 8 Online Content Producer
    “Our members really came through. Our employees did a heck of a job. I would say 90% of the diapers come from employee interactions. Again, they did an awesome job.” More Info
  • April 19, 2016
    20 Million and Counting!
    The Diaper Bank
    The Diaper Bank is proud to celebrate a new milestone by passing the threshold of 20 million diapers distributed!
    Thank you for helping us reach this milestone!
  • March 14, 2016
    New Haven Study Leads to National Diaper Initiative
    News8, WTNH
    Written by: Jacquie Slater, WTNH Reporter

    “Diapers. Every baby needs them but not all parents can afford them. Dr. Megan Smith is the director of the New Haven MOMS Partnership. For two years she studied the diaper needs of mothers in New Haven. Her research results made their way to the White House. Now, the Obama Administration has announced the Community Diaper Program, which will allow non-profits to purchase diapers in bulk and at discounted rates to be distributed to parents who need diaper assistance.” More Info
  • March 10, 2016
    Surge Pricing for Diapers
    The White House
    Written by: The White House, by Luke Tate & Josh Miller

    “Lower-income families often pay higher prices for these basic goods, and share that they sometimes feel pressure to stretch or reuse disposable diapers to make limited resources last. When this happens, babies face risk of infections and even hospitalizations, and the stress can lead to serious mental health challenges for caregivers.” More Info
  • March 10, 2016
    The Diaper Divide
    The White House
    Written by: The White House, by Cecilia Munoz

    When families can’t afford a healthy number of diapers for their babies, they’re faced with a choice between buying diapers and paying for food, rent, or utilities like heat. We don’t have a program to help struggling families buy diapers for their children. So, we’re getting creative and using every tool we have to help solve this problem. More Info
  • March 7, 2016
    Legislators & Others Support Bill to Eliminate Tax on Certain Feminine Hygiene Products & Diapers.
    Middletown Press
    Written by: Anna Bisaro

    “All of the speakers Monday admitted it’s not only women changing diapers, but advised that the financial burden of buying diapers can be especially difficult for single mothers.” More Info
  • March 7, 2016
    Lawmakers Seek to Repeal Tax on Tampons and Diapers
    NBC News Connecticut
    Written by: Christiane Cordero

    “State lawmakers introduced a bill on Monday that would expand the sales tax exemption to include feminine hygiene products and disposable or reusable diapers.” More Info
  • March 6, 2016
    Shamrock and Roll in New Haven Benefits The Diaper Bank
    WTIC Fox News Connecticut
    Written by: Jim McKeever

    More than 25,000 runners and walkers dressed up in their St. Patrick Day’s gear benefiting the non-profit Diaper Bank of New Haven. More Info
  • August 2015
    The Taxing Problem of Bringing Up a Baby on a Meager Wage
    Al Jazeera America
    Written by: Azure Gilman

    With sales tax on basic needs and complicated credits, low-income parents are hit hard by the cost of rearing. More Info
  • August 2015
    Diaper Dilemma
    Al Jazeera America
    Written by: Al Jazeera America

    This piece by Al Jazeera America examines diaper need and how it is being met by diaper banks across the country. More Info
  • August 2015
    Diaper Banks Provide Relief for Struggling Parents, Starting at the Bottom
    Al Jazeera America
    Written by: Azure Gilman

    Almost a third of families say they lack the diapers they need; network of nonprofits tries to fill that gap. More Info
  • February 2015
    Exempt Diapers From Sales Tax
    The Hartford Courant
    Written by: Janet StolfiAlfano

    Kudos to state Sen. Mae Flexer and Rep. Kelly Luxenberg for introducing HB 6595, An Act Exempting Baby Diapers From the Sales Tax. More Info
  • January 2015
    Lawmakers Seek To Repeal Sales Tax On Diapers
    CT NEWS Junkie
    Written by: Cara Rosner

    Two Democratic lawmakers have introduced legislation seeking to exempt baby diapers from state sales tax. More Info
  • September 2014
    Diaper Need Awareness Week
    WTIC Fox News Connecticut
    Written by: Katie Harris

    Diaper Rally Helps Families in Need More Info
  • September 2014
    Middletown Diaper Drive Aims to Help Low Income Families
    Middletown Press
    Written by: KaitlynSchroyer

    The rally is held to mark Diaper Need Awareness Week and according to Diaper Bank executive director Janet StolfiAlfano, nearly 30 percent of low-income families cannot afford enough diapers to keep their babies outfitted throughout the day and evening. More Info
  • August 2014
    Bottom Line
    The Daily Nutmeg
    Written by: Cara Rosner

    You’ve heard of food banks to help those in need. How about The Diaper Bank? More Info
  • July 2013
    Yale Study: Moms Who Can’t Afford Diapers Are More Likely To Be Depressed
    WTIC Fox News Connecticut
    Written by: Audrey Kuchen

    Low-income mothers in New Haven who can’t afford enough diapers to keep their babies clean and dry are more likely to report trouble coping with stress, depression or trauma, according to a study published Monday in the journal Pediatrics. More Info
  • July 2013
    High Cost of Diapers Leads to Stresses for Moms: Study
    NBC News Connecticut
    Written by: NBC Connecticut News

    A study by researchers at Yale finds as many as one-third of parents struggle to pay for diapers. More Info
  • July 2013
    WPKN interview with Janet StolfiAlfano of The Diaper Bank
    WPKN radio
    Written by: Steve di Constanzo

    Thank you to Steve di Constanzo of WPKN for the great interview this afternoon.
    You can hear the interview which begins around minute 48:00 of the program. More Info
  • March 25, 2012
    Diaper Bank’s new Executive Director understands importance of mission
    New Haven Register
    Written by: Pamela McLoughlin

    Alfano recently was named executive director of The Diaper Bank, having served as acting executive director since October. More Info
  • March 20, 2012
    WICC 600 am Interview with Janet Alfano of The Diaper Bank
    WICC 600 am
    Written by: Mike Bellamy

    Listen to Mike Bellamy of WICC 600 am interview Executive Director Janet StolfiAlfano More Info
  • February 2012
    Start at birth to close achievement gap
    New Haven Register
    Written by: Janet StolfiAlfano

    A mountain of research demonstrates that investing in early childhood care and education pays off in the long run. Children enter school ready to learn and succeed in school and life. More Info
  • October 2011
    New Haven-based Diaper Bank gets behind legislation to provide free supplies
    New Haven Register
    Written by: Angela Carter

    In Connecticut, mothers spend at least $20 to $30 per week for diapers, a cost that causes too many moms to make tradeoffs that can endanger children’s health, family advocates say. More Info
  • October 2011
    For want of a diaper, lives change
    CT Post
    Written by: CT Post

    As everyone knows, millions of families with children are struggling in this current economy. Kids who have fallen into poverty in this recession will earn an average of $19,000 a year less than their more fortunate peers. They are 20 percent more likely to suffer health problems. And, without adequate nutrition, they will even further behind. More Info
  • October 2011
    DeLauro’s diaper bill: No time for a rash decision
    The Record Journal
    Written by: Robert Cyr

    Supporters of a proposed change in federal law that would allow child care providers to begin supplying diapers to needy families say it could help supplement an already strained diaper-supply program, but it’s unclear how the change might affect grant money to such agencies. More Info
  • October 2011
    DeLauro’s Bill Would Make Diapers More Affordable For Poor Parents
    The Hartford Courant
    Written by: Susan Campbell

    Carmelo Mendez is a disabled Navy veteran, and the single father of Gabriel, age 7 months. Every month, Gabriel goes through roughly $100 worth of (for now, anyway) size 4 disposable diapers. For help, Mendez relies on The Diaper Bank, which provides diapers to agencies around the state, which then distribute the diapers among their clients. More Info
  • June 17, 2009
    The Diaper Bank on Good Morning America
    Good Morning America
    “GMA’s” AmeriCAN series focuses on ordinary people committing extraordinary acts of kindness and bravery.

    In challenging times, it’s sometimes hard to be optimistic, but across the United States, there are people who focus on the greater good by helping their neighbors, friends and community.
    June 17, 2009: The Diaper Bank Helps Families One Diaper at a Time More Info
  • June 4, 2009
    Positively Connecticut
    All Things Connecticut
    You might call it The Bottom Line for babies – clean diapers. But for some families in CT, an adequate supply of diapers is a luxury. Thanks to one New Haven woman, kids are “pampered” now, because of an idea that is positively CT. More Info
  • April 2009
    Time Magazine Power of One: Starting a Diaper Bank.
    Time Magazine
    Written by: Belinda Luscombe

    Food stamps don’t cover hygiene products. That’s why one volunteer is organizing diaper depots. More Info
  • December 1, 2008
    Connecticut Standing Tall 2008
    CT Magazine
    Written by: Jennifer Huget

    Connecticut Magazine salutes “those in our midst who have found ways to act-and thus serve as examples to all of us.” More Info
  • September 2008
    Clean Start
    Miller-McCune Magazine
    Written by: Colleen Shaddox

    Joanne Goldblum saw poor people reusing disposable diapers and had to do something. Her nonprofit, The Diaper Bank, now gives 150,000 diapers a month to people in need. More Info
  • July 11, 2008
    Joanne Goldblum named ABC News ‘Person of the Week’.
    People Magazine Heroes Among Us
    People Magazine
    Joanne Goldblum, Founder and President of The Diaper Bank, honored as one of People magazine’s ‘Heroes Among Us’. More Info
  • May 12, 2008
    People Magazine Heroes Among Us
    People Magazine
    Joanne Goldblum, Founder and President of The Diaper Bank, honored as one of People magazine’s ‘Heroes Among Us’. More Info
  • December 30, 2007
    Person of the Year
    New Haven Register
    Written by: Pamela McCoughlin

    Joanne Goldblum and the New Haven Diaper Bank changing lives. NH Reg Person of the Year 2007. More Info
  • December 16, 2007
    Basic need for the poor: Diapers
    New York Times
    Written by: Gerri Hirshey
    More Info

The Diaper Bank named ‘Champion in Action’ by Citizens Bank

The Diaper Bank awarded $25,000 from the Citizens Bank Champions in Action program-a unique initiative designed to reward the nonprofit organizations that work so hard to champion change in our communities and make life better for us all. More Info

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